Chavez-Grieves provides full-service coordination throughout the design, permitting, and construction process. The current construction environment dictates that many projects are built on an extremely aggressive, fast-track schedule. Chavez-Grieves has extensive experience providing early design packages on fast-track projects; and will work closely with building departments and review agencies to expedite the permitting process.

From municipalities in California, Clark County, Nevada to Los Alamos National Labs; Chavez-Grieves has experience with many of the more challenging permitting agencies at the City, County, State and Federal levels. This step is often forgotten in the design and construction process, it can result in extensive delays and additional costs at the eleventh hour of a project.

A proactive approach and experience are key to a seamless review and permitting process. Typically, construction documents are submitted “in a vacuum” without open dialogue with the permitting agency. At Chavez-Grieves we believe in developing the relationship first and managing our submittals based on our knowledge of that permitting agency and the specific individual performing the reviews necessary to receive the permit.

Although generating, calculations and construction documents is standard practice, at Chavez-Grieves we take that process several steps further in how we present that information and how that information is tailored for that specific agency. Managing this portion of a project helps us mitigate our client’s risk associated with schedule and cost overruns.