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City National Bank Summerlin Branch – Las Vegas, Nevada

Construction Cost: $26M   Size: 150,000sf   Completed: 2007

This project consists of a six-story, 150,000 square foot office building located in Summerlin, Clark County, Nevada.  Standing nearly 100 feet tall, the steel frame with bearing stud walls, relies on braced frames for its lateral resistance. The building is curved on two sides and contains many balconies and three terraces: two on the fifth floor and a covered one on the sixth floor. The finish is composed of tinted glass and two stone finishes, split face and travertine. An architectural eyebrow suspends from the sixth floor and an entry canopy above the second floor suspends from the fourth floor. The tall building has its very own window washing system, and traction elevator system. The building also contains an ATM canopy and money vault for its bank functions.

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