"The Engineering Firm of Choice"


 With over three decades in business, Chavez-Grieves has the opportunity to draw from our combined 250 years of engineering experience in an expert witness capacity.  Our extensive experience in the civil and structural engineering fields has helped our clients defend claims on numerous cases throughout New Mexico.

Past Expert Witness Experience Includes:

  • Forensic Analysis & Assessment
  • Foundation Settlement
  • Structural Damage during the construction phase
  • Negligent Construction
  • Negligent Design
  • Slip & Fall

We also assist our clients in analyzing defense and prosecution risk during the discovery phase or in some cases prior to claims being filed. If desired, Chavez-Grieves can assist in designing a case while utilizing our relationships with select partners from associated fields.

The majority of our clients are well versed in the legal system but have limited or no knowledge of the design and construction industry. At Chavez-Grieves we have an extensive portfolio in the design and construction industry, a long-term respected relationship with the community at the city, county and state level and experience with the legal system of New Mexico. Our clients have used these resources to mitigate their risk and refine their cases approach, in order to increase their opportunity for success.

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