"The Engineering Firm of Choice"


Chavez-Grieves provides a unique and specialized engineering service to the design-build market. For over twelve years, we have developed our design-build process and experience so that we can help with the increasing demands of our clients. Our real success over the last few decades has been in addressing these core client needs:

    • Faster Schedule
    • Value Based Design
    • Fewer Problems
    • Lower Risk

Each of these sections are viewed through the lens of our Structural Systems Criteria:

• Constructability
• Architectural Design Intent
• M/E/P Requirements
• Price
• Schedule/Availability of Components

Faster Schedule:  We can provide faster schedules through our utilization of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in our design-build process. We have been certified by AISC, the parent steel construction code writing authority, that “we are the only structural engineering entity that consistently takes buildings from design through construction completely digitally.”

We build our structures in a three dimensional virtual world first. This digital construction, along with multi-discipline 3-D coordination and our in-house QA/QC occurs prior to the start of construction. Our clients have the benefit of their structure being built twice, once in our virtual world and a second time in the real world. This virtual “prototype” is key for vetting many of the typical problems that plague the design and construction industry today.

Value Based Design:  We take great pride in our “best value” approach to our structural engineering designs.

Fewer Problems and Lower Risk: Our design-build process has been continuously improving for over twelve years. The exploitation of technology, development of relationships and fine tuning of QA/QC policies have been key to our success.The exploitation of technology can be seen throughout our processes but is most visible in our three dimensional modeling (BIM). We allow our software and hardware to perform many of the mundane calculations often susceptible to human error. This allows us to concentrate our time and resources on more creative ways to solve our client’s more complex and dynamic problems.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs are essential to any design-build process but even more so when fast-track, high-risk, and BIM elements are included. Our QA/QC has incorporated these issues as well as the lessons learned from our 12+ years of extensive design-build experience and 30+ years of design-bid-build experience.

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